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cowboy challenge

summer buckle series

april playday announcement

open arena wednEsdays

halloween cowboy challenge


1. Registration (coggins required) and practice starts at 1pm

2. Time allocated for working obstacles from the ground followed by horseback

3. Run throughs for $5/run

1. Cash prizes for the Challenge & prizes awarded for best costumes

2. Come prepared for trailer-treating (that's trick-or-treating cowboy style)

3. The Chuckwagon team is cooking their famous chili

2022 Summer playday buckle series

MAy playday

April playday

Congrats to our April Playday Event prize/cash winners:

Link to scores: scoresheet


1. Kenzie McGrew


1. Karysan Armstrong

2. Charleigh Harrison

3. Elle Baker


1. Katherine Garland (Missy)

2. Katherine Garland (Winston)

3. Jerri Alexander


1. James Krause

2. Jessica Nipper

3. Kaylee Ren

April challenge


1. Caleb Weaver

2. Everleigh Stafford


1. Owen Huckabay

2. Moriah Slack

3. Mandy Roberts 

AGE 13 to 18

1. Julianne Shivers

2. Savanna Byars

3. Khailyn Hellweg


1. Kaylee Renn

2. Nicole Weaver

3. Brandy Albriton


1. Julianne Shivers

2. Jay Shivers

Link to scores: scoresheet

Cow game returns

1.  Grady Hart | Doc Meyers  50 pts

2.  Elle Baker | Jimbo Dunagan  40 pts

3.  Third place winners with 25 pts:

        Kelsey Kibbe | Tammi Brown 

        Jimbo Dunagan | Elle Baker 

        Jimbo Dunagan | Jay Shivers 

        Grady Hart | Jimbo Dunagan

        Jessica Nipper | Katherine Garland

Special thank you to Coby Trent Elliott and Cole Melancon for providing livestock and working the pens.


PLayday february

Final Scoresheet 


1. Jenna Turner 

2. Tammie Turner 

3. Jessica Nipper 


1. Skylar Gore

2. Owen Huckaby

3. Elle Baker 


1.Serenity Garcia 

2. Aria Garcia 

3. Scarlett Gallentine

4. Archer Brinson

- Barrels / Poles / Flag / Mystery

- $10 per entry

- Cash Prizes

HOrsemanship clinic

return of the cow game

Here is a youtube link that explains the concept and offers a demonstration of what we have in mind: 

november Cowboy Challenge


1st Jena Turner - Soni

2nd Katie Matak - Lily

3rd Alyssa Osgood - Dirty


1st Kayleigh Guynes - Cisco

2nd Kayleigh Guynes - Spring

3rd Bobbie Turner - Friday

AGE 13-18

1st Katie Matak - Lily

2nd Meredith Ashley - Prince Charming

3rd Kimber Bauer - Jag


1st Kennedy Beltz - Dirty

2nd Elle Baker - Doc

3rd Aubrey Huckaby - Clyde

Cowboy Challenge Practice Session

Saturday October 30

4:00 to 5:30pm registration & open arena

5:30pm Practice Sessions begin

Tune up your skills prior to the Nov 14 Cowboy Challenge.  This session will give horse & rider an opportunity to practice navigating obstacles.

• $5/run - you will be timed & judged

• no prizes

• no goat wrangling, just obstacle course available


Advanced practice - top 5

Intermediate practice - top 5

2021 Summer buckle series

Congratulations to our Day #3 cash award winners:

Katie Matak - 1st Intermediate

Keira Hayden - 2nd Intermediate

James Krause - 1st Advanced

Tammie Turner - 2nd Advanced

Our Series Buckle Winners:

Katie Matak - Intermediate

Tammie Turner - Advanced

Regrettably, conditions are forcing us to postpone the completion of Playday #3 (poles/flag/mystery).  We will now try to complete #3 on September 11.  In addition, given all the delays, we will make this a 3-day series instead of four.  We will now count only the two highest day scores to determine the series winner.

Hope you can join us Saturday, September 11.

If you can't make the September 11 event and need a refund from August 14th let us know.

Got almost an inch of rain today.  Postponing #2 playday event one week, now July 31.

We've gotten close to 2" of rain this week and arena conditions are not gonna be good for this Saturday.  We are pushing back the second day of the series to the following Saturday, July 24.  As a reminder, day three is still scheduled for July 31.

Hope y'all can still make it!

Given the current conditions of the arena and a high chance of rain for the next couple of days, we are pushing back the second day of the series from July 10 to Saturday, July 17.

Apologies for the change but we hope you can still be with us!

Please pass the word.

Here is a link to the points summary:  Points Summer Series 

We have some standing water in the arena after Wednesday evening's rain and more rain expected.  So, again, we are having to re-schedule. Note that we are keeping the previous last three dates and adding on at the end.  We have posted an updated flyer here and on the main FB page.

We thank you for understanding and hope you can join us on June 12 at 6:30 PM.

We're having to move the playday back again due to weather.  Unfortunately, there's 70-80% chance of rain predicted before the planned start.  We will try again next Saturday, June 5.

Apologies again for the delays and hope you can still join us on June 5th.

We're continuing to watch the weather and will be making a final call this Friday for the event on the 29th.  Make sure you check back at @linecamparena or this website.  Hopefully Saturday's rain chance will decline for us!

Given the amount of rain we're getting this week, we are pushing back the first day of the series from May 23 to Saturday, May 29 at 6:30pm.

Apologies for the change but we hope you can still be with us!

- Intermediate (14 and under)

- Advanced (15 and over)

Ages are as of May 23, 2021.  Looking forward to a great competition!

LC Ultimate cow game

Congrats to Doc Meyers and Grady Hart for getting top score.

Link to rules for Cow Game:  Cow Rules 

Here is a youtube link that explains the concept and offers a demonstration of what we have in mind: 

desensitizing clinic

Spirit Horse Liberty will be hosting a desensitizing clinic at Line Camp Arena on May 15 starting at noon.

Desensitize your horse to everyday objects around your home, barn, arena, and trail rides.

Call Donna Wiebelhaus at 936-641-0165 to sign up & reserve your spot.  Start showing up at 11 am and class starts at noon.

winners (l to r): Bradford Fisher, Jose Hernandez, Cameron Koen, Bubba Guedry, Jacob Carr, Lance Carr, & Steve Green

Cowboy Challenge Results




Thanks to our participants, spectators, volunteers, sponsors, security, EMT, and Chuckwagon Team for a great time!

Challenge update

3/18/21 - Looking forward to this Sunday's Cowboy Challenge. Hope everyone can join us!

3/13/21 -  We are rescheduling to next Sunday, 3/21.

3/13/21 - The weather isn't going to cooperate with us for tomorrow's event so we are having to postpone.  We are tentatively planning in one or two weeks, continue to monitor Facebook and this website. 

3/12/21 - We're continuing to monitor weather for this Sunday's Challenge event and right now it's not looking good.  We'll make a final call on postponing early tomorrow morning so check back here or on Facebook.  Please pass the word.

MARCH 14 Cowboy challenge

3/4/21 - Join us at Line Camp Arena on March 14th for our Cowboy Challenge.

We will have lunch, music, and a friendly challenge event in the arena.


2/13/21 - Planning another Cowboy Challenge on March 14th at the arena.  Check back for further details.

Arena Sign

1/30/21 - Welcome to the arena!

Stock pens

12/28/20 - Getting closer to finishing work on the arena stock pens.  We're looking forward to having multiple sorting and roping events in 2021.

December Arena Practice

12/11/20 - We're getting enough rain to make arena conditions potentially unsafe for the scheduled December 12th arena practice.  We're sorry for those of you that were looking forward to this event.  December outdoor events are always tough and we were unfortunate with the rain tonight.  We will reschedule for another day.  Please pass the word.

12/11/20 - December 12th practice event is tentative.  The Arena is in good shape this morning, but depending on the rain amount this evening may have to postpone.  Check back on FB tomorrow for an update and call before you haul (936) 346-7953.  Please forward this message to anyone wanting to attend.

Cowboy challenge REsults

Thank you to our sponsors, organizers, chuckwagon team, spectators, and participants.

See more photos here.

october Cowboy challenge

Join us for Line Camp Cowboy Church's Fifth Anniversary and Arena Grand Opening on October 25th, 2020.

Following the service, we will have a BBQ picnic, live music, games and fun for the whole family.


711 HIGHWAY 90

DEVERS, TX 77538

(936) 346-7950